What are the different clinician types?

Kentucky recognizes 3 Masters Level Clinician disciplines:

  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Profesional Clinical Counselors
  • Clinical Social Workers

Within each discipline there are 3 "levels" of clinician:
  • Fully Licensed: Has completed all education and supervisio
  • Associate Licensed: Has completed all education and is under the supervision of a fully licensed clinician
  • Intern: Individual completing their Master's programs

How much are the services with insurance coverage?
This is completely dependent on your individual insurance plan. We have found that Medicaid typically covers at 100%

Commercial insurance may cover at 100%, or you may be responsible for copays and/or deductible amounts. This can only be determined for certain after an Explanation of Benefits has been received by Kentucky Services, LLC.

What are your fees & insurance rates?

Fees are dependent on multiple factors:

  • Will you be using insurance?
  • What services are you receiving?
  • Which professional will you be working with?

Who can accept insurance?
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Fully Licensed Clinicians
  • Associate Licensed Clinicians

What type of insurance can be accepted?

That is dependent on who you are seeing and your individual insurance plan. You are encouraged to call your individual plan to determine coverage for mental health services