Does Your Family Need Group Therapy?

A family household that functions in happy and positive ways makes each member feel safe and comfortable. But not all families enjoy being stable, healthy and happy all the time. The stresses of today’s life, the need for work-life balance, a family crisis, mental health challenges, financial troubles, substance abuse or a combination of any of the above can bring a family to its knees.


Kentucky Services knows how difficult and awkward family therapy sessions can be. We also know how important it is for family members to air grievances and understand each other’s viewpoints and opinions, many—if not all—of which would not otherwise be communicated.

If any of the following scenarios are familiar to your family, it’s time to consider the services of a qualified professional therapist.


Family members find it tough to function normally. Are things that used to be routine and normal now burdens?

Family members have extreme emotional reactions. Do some express themselves using excessive anger, fear, sadness or depression?

There’s a big break in communication. Is expressing yourselves to each other more difficult than usual?

You’re withdrawing from family life. Are members going into seclusion or spending a lot of time out of the home to get away from that environment?

There’s violence or the threat of violence to oneself or other family members. Is there a behavior that would be considered “assault” if it were outside the family?

Family members feel helpless or hopeless. Has anyone else reached a breaking point? Is coping with the stresses too much to bear? Do you wonder if your family will ever recover?

There have been changes in a child’s or children's behavior at school. Have their grades taken a plunge? Have they been skipping classes or exhibiting disruptive behavior?

The family has had a traumatic experience and is having a hard time coping. Has there been a death in the family; a divorce or separation; the discovery that the husband or wife has been having an affair?

There are substance-abuse problems. Is anyone drinking too much, using illegal drugs or misusing narcotic medications? Does a member have an eating disorder?


If you believe that your family would benefit—even if only a little bit—from group counseling, please don’t hesitate to call Kentucky Services. Honest and positive communication is the key to a family’s happiness and functioning in supportive manners. Please contact our office today to make an appointment.