Couples Therapy Helps Strained Relationships

You’re bonded by love, but every couple has its disagreements. If you’re married, you vowed “for better or for worse,” but time and circumstances can rock your feelings and test your marriage. Those disputes can range from minor (“Don’t leave the cap off the toothpaste!”) to major “I know you’re cheating on me!”). When tensions and conflicts start putting a damper on a romantic duo’s home life, think about couples therapy.

At the office of Kentucky Services, we understand the complexities of romantic partnerships in distress. Our highly skilled professionals will counsel you in an exceedingly gentle, compassionate way. We listen impartially and without criticism. We’ll facilitate constructive, expressive conversations so you’ll make thoughtful decisions about how you’ll rebuild and strengthen your relationship. On the flip side, we can help your decision-making regarding if it’s time to split.

Counseling can help couples who are in a variety of intimate relationships, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status. Some seek couples counseling to strengthen their partnership and gain a higher understanding of each other. More often, they seek counseling to boost a troubled relationship and acquire help with such issues as communication problems, sexual difficulties, anger issues and infidelity.

Couples counseling typically brings partners together for joint therapy sessions. At our office, our practitioners use various therapeutic techniques to encourage open communication and mutual problem-solving, as well as teaching couples ways to rationally discuss their differences. Many find the experience to be insightful and empowering.

If you’re in need of couples counseling, the office of Kentucky Services wants to assist. We offer a secure, non-judgmental space in which you’ll speak about the positive and negative aspects of your relationship as you pinpoint and better understand the sources of your conflicts. Under our guidance, you’ll find out how to spot problems without blame and, instead, examine how things can improve. Taking the primary step by admitting the connection needs help may be the toughest part, but it’ll be worthwhile. For more information, please schedule an appointment today.